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This application relates to an apparatus for imparting a pulsatile flow to fluid in a conduit, which has pumping means for providing the pulsatile flow of fluid therein. The apparatus includes an elastic tubular section defining a portion of the conduit and located downstream of the pulsatile flow providing means. The tubular section is surrounded by a sealed sleeve to define a pressurizable space about the tubular section. The space is pressurizable so that the pulsatile flow pattern of fluid passing through the tubular section is controlled in a manner responsive to the pressure within said space. If desired, a portion of the flow conduit upstream of the pumping means is of enlarged transverse dimension and sealed within a second sleeve to define a second pressurizable space to provide a means for increasing the flow of fluid into the pulsatile pumping means.

Mechanism for control pulsatile fluid flow
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April 6, 1970
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February 1, 1972
Goldhaber Richard Paul
Baxter Laboratories
A61b 19/00
F04b 45/00
F04b 43/10
A01N 01/02
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