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Door interlock and coupling apparatus for an elevator installation for coupling an elevator car sliding door to a hoistway sliding door for movement of the doors between open and closed positions, wherein the door interlock and coupling apparatus includes an interlock mechanism and a coupling mechanism. The interlock mechanism has a catch portion fixedly mounted adjacent to the hoistway door and has a locking lever pivotally mounted on the hoistway door for locking the hoistway door in its closed position. The coupling mechanism includes a vane and a magnetized roller assembly, wherein the vane is composed of a magnetic material and is mounted on the car door, and wherein the magnetized roller assembly is supported by the locking lever and is operative to apply a magnetic force on the vane for coupling the vane and the car door to the hoistway door for movement of the coupled doors between the open position and the closed position until the locking lever operates to lock the hoistway door in its closed position.

Door-coupling apparatus for elevators
Application Number
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Application Date
August 11, 1969
Publication Date
February 1, 1972
Johns Calvin Edward
Otis Elevator Company
B66d 13/16
B66B 13/12
B66B 13/02
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