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The method and apparatus of the invention use ultrasonic energy in the form of mechanical vibrations transmitted by a tool member to close off small severed blood vessels, such as in humans, by the formation of closures at the terminal portions thereof, and stop what is called 'ooze,' that requires constant mopping or cleansing techniques during an operation. This tool member may be in the form of a knife ultrasonically vibrated to simultaneously sever and close off respective terminal portions of the severed blood vessels while performing surgical procedures. The tool member, of a proper configuration, may also join together layers of tissue, including the walls of unsevered blood vessels, and with respect to the latter is foreseen as replacing the 'tying off' of arteries and veins currently necessary in surgery.

Ultrasonic cauterization
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October 27, 1967
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January 25, 1972
Balamuth Lewis
Ultrasonic Systems
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