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A method and system for the automatic control and regulation of chemical processes in chemical plants using digital process computers which comprises operating at least two identical computers in parallel, each equipped with an operating core storage means (principal memory means) and a mass storage means (secondary memory means), the computers being connected in parallel to each other and connected with a chemical plant by means of a data flow bus wherein one computer, designated as the control computer, actively controls and regulates the chemical process whereas the other computer, designated as the backup computer, follows the progression of the chemical process by a transmittal of the data from the control computer, and continues the chemical process without interruption when the control computer becomes inoperative.

Method and system for the automatic control of chemical plants with parallel-connected computer backup system
Application Number
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June 14, 1968
Publication Date
January 18, 1972
Amrehn Hermann
Chemische Werke Huls Aktiengesellschaft
G06b 15/46
G06F 11/20
G05B 15/02
B01J 19/00
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