3633862 is referenced by 60 patents and cites 9 patents.

A safety rail and a connector for adjustably attaching an end piece to a tubular bar of the type used in safety rails. The end piece has a recess adapted to receive an end of the tubular bar and an opening for receiving a screw which passes through the end piece into the bottom of the recess to engage in the connector. The connector includes a crossbar having a lug at each of its ends. The lugs extend outwardly for attaching the connector to an inside surface of the bar. An integral tubular portion of the connector extends inwardly from the crossbar to define a threaded opening to receive the screw for drawing the end pieces to the bar. Each of the ends of the rail has one connector and one end piece.

Safety rail
Application Number
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May 28, 1970
Publication Date
January 11, 1972
Breen William Ross
A47h 01/144
F16B 12/42
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F16B 09/02
F16B 07/18
F16B 09/00
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A47H 01/102
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