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A human organ is stored, between removal from one body and implantation in another, in an apparatus mounted on a wheeled cart. The apparatus has a pulsatile pump for pumping plasma, a heat exchanger connected to the outlet of the pump for cooling the plasma to about 4.degree. to 8.degree. C., and a perfusion chamber to which the cooled plasma is supplied. The perfusion chamber includes a support for the organ and means for connecting the organ to the pulsing flow of cold plasma. Venous effluent from the organ is collected and conducted by gravity to a membrane oxygenator, which returns oxygenated plasma to the pulsatile pump for recirculation through the organ.

Method and apparatus for preserving human organs extracorporeally
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April 21, 1969
Publication Date
January 4, 1972
Truman Chester W
Belzer Folkert O
The Regents of the University of California
A61k 17/00
A01N 01/02
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