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A drawbar construction for a self-propelled vehicle adapted to be towed in tandem from a lead vehicle comprised of angularly disposed struts converging to a point where they support a hitch eye, and having their remote ends rotatably mounted on the frame of the vehicle to be towed. Latch means at the front of the vehicle hold the drawbar in inoperative, substantially vertical position against the front of the vehicle. Pivotally mounted on a crossbar between the struts is a supporting leg adapted to be latched to the drawbar in inoperative position, and rotatable relative to the drawbar into a vertical position where it supports the drawbar hitch eye in position to be engaged automatically with a hitch on the lead vehicle. The supporting leg for the drawbar is vertically adjustable to locate the hitch eye in proper relation for its engagement with the forward hitch.

Drawbar construction
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August 25, 1969
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December 14, 1971
Canole Jack
Signal Trucking Service
B60d 01/14
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B60D 01/167
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