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A drug-delivery device for prolongedly delivering drugs to patients according to any predetermined time release profile, e.g., increasing, decreasing, constant, pulsing, sinusoidal, and like patterns of release, is fabricated by applying a drug coating of varying or uniform thickness to a relatively drug-impermeable film soluble in body fluids and thence rolling said coated film about itself in spiral or 'jellyroll' fashion. Upon administration to the body, the outermost extremities of the film gradually erode at a predetermined rate in body fluids thus exposing coextensive extremities of the drug coating, also soluble in body fluids, and drug is released to the tissues of the body. Suitable design of the drug coating along the spiral, e.g., of varying thickness, etc. provides for the aforesaid release patterns as the device disintegrates.

Drug-delivery device
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May 18, 1970
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December 7, 1971
Higuchi Takeru
Alza Corporation
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