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Data processing systems for automatic, on-line checking of numbered reservations and/or the control of credit card purchases, without referencing any data on the ticket or credit card itself. Such systems include a central processor, a remotely addressable central data store for reservation and customer account information, and remote terminal input apparatus, printer apparatus and ticket or card number reader apparatus. The remote terminal input apparatus includes ticket, credit card and freight bill number readers, in addition to keyboard input apparatus for on-line access to numbered reservations or accounts. One such system also includes automatic boarding pass issue apparatus responsive to the central processor system and pass-operated boarding gate apparatus.

Automatic ticket/credit card check-in system
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March 21, 1969
Publication Date
November 23, 1971
Nonken Howard R
Marquis Carl W
Hopkins James E
Dilks Uselma Clarke S
Burroughs Corporation
G07f 07/02
G07B 15/00
G07C 09/00
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