3622890 is referenced by 81 patents and cites 5 patents.

An integrated antenna system comprising a ground plane, at least one vertical element substantially perpendicular to the ground plane, a helically shaped element having horizontal polarization and a solid state circuit located at the junction of the horizontal and vertical elements. The described antenna system facilitates control of the characteristics of the antenna without varying the physical dimensions thereof. Consequently, antenna size may be reduced, related equipment simplified and the overall characteristics of the antenna system improved.

Folded integrated antenna and amplifier
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January 24, 1969
Publication Date
November 23, 1971
Hiroi Yoshiyasu
Fujimoto Kyohei
Matsushita Electric Industrial
H01q 01/26
H03H 11/02
H03H 11/28
H01Q 21/24
H01Q 23/00
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