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A laser eraser and microwelder capable of operating with a pulsed or continuous-wave laser radiation is described. The device comprises a laser generator, a miniaturized electric power supply unit and a laser working head connected to the power supply unit through a flexible lasing fiber optics accompanied by an electric cable. The lasing fiber optics is optically coupled to said laser generator for generating and transmitting a laser radiation to the laser working head, and the cable conducts the laser triggering current to the laser generator through a triggering switch located in the laser working head. As an eraser, the device utilizes a defocused laser beam to erase an error character by vaporizing it from written matter and can be used either on a desk top or on a typewritter by attaching the power supply unit to the side of the typewriter housing. As a microwelder, the device utilizes a focused laser beam to weld miniaturized parts, components, and circuit leads. Radiation safety is achieved by providing a safety means in the laser working head which must be placed on the workpiece and manipulated before the triggering switch can be actuated to energize said laser generator.

Laser eraser and microwelder
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April 28, 1969
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November 23, 1971
Muncheryan Hrand M
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H01S 03/23
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