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In a process for making a multilayer microelectronic circuit by successive screen-printing operations, at least one layer of the circuit is formed by screen printing a first conductor pattern of conductor material and a first insulating pattern of insulating material, the insulating pattern being substantially complementary to the conductor pattern so that inked areas of the insulating pattern adjoin but do not overlap inked areas of the conductor pattern and together the conductor pattern and the insulator pattern present a substantially flat surface for receiving further screen-printed patterns to form the microelectronic circuit. A second insulating layer may be formed with a pattern of apertures where through-connections to the first conductor pattern are required, and these apertures filled with conductive material and a second conductor pattern printed over the second insulating layer in a single operation. An aperture may be provided in every pattern of every layer to form a recess in which a semiconductor chip can be mounted.

Microelectronic circuits and processes for making them
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September 3, 1969
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November 23, 1971
Loasby Geoffrey Roger
Davey Norman
National Research Development Corporation
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