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A power transmission including a hydrodynamic torque converter and a modulated clutch, having a hydraulic control system for limiting the amount of torque which is capable of being applied to the wheels of a vehicle or the like. The control system includes an output driven pump which produces a signal flow proportional to its speed, and this signal is conducted to a variable orifice torque limiter valve. The torque limiter valve in turn controls the available fluid pressure which is conducted to the modulatable clutch, which clutch in turn determines the power output. Thus the output speed of the transmission is 'read' and through a control system the output speed is controlled to limit the output torque.

Torque limiting clutch for torque converter controlled by speed and transmission selector
Application Number
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January 5, 1970
Publication Date
November 23, 1971
Meyer Robert W
Black James B
Twin Disc Incorporated
F16d 39/00
B60k 21/04
F16H 45/00
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