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A refillable checkbook and record-keeping combination for use with conventional bank checks and special preprinted record forms on which the data written on the checks is duplicated when the checks are written. A holder of particular form is secured in a looseleaf notebook and is so constructed as to hold the checks in a definite position so that they and record forms also secured in the book may be moved into registry and held in registry while the checks are being written. The record forms each include a permanent record sheet, preferably with detachable sheets for forming nonnegotiable duplicate copies of individual checks, and the permanent record sheets also provide spaces for entry of deposits and other information relating to the bank account all arranged to facilitate accurate balancing and reconciling of the account. Certain of the modifications disclosed provide a storage pocket on the permanent record sheet for related papers such as deposit slips. Further modifications include simplified versions of the checkbooks for pocket use in which preprinted record forms are so attached to the book that they are readily movable into registry with the checks for making duplicates as the checks are written.

Combined check and record-keeping book
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December 9, 1968
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November 16, 1971
Marion Donovan 418 Harbor Road
James D Bock
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