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In a water purification system wherein a supply of pressurized, potable, product water is to be dispensed as required, and a small volume flow of nonpressurized byproduct waste water is to be discharged to a potentially contaminated drain, a combination plumbing fixture comprises a body with a valve-controlled passage therethrough for dispensing the potable water. A pair of axially upright ducts are provided through a faucet body, the lower end of one of the ducts being connected to receive the flow of waste byproduct water, and the lower end of the other duct being connected to the drain. A recess in the body encompasses the upper ends of both ducts, and a gooseneck tube is fitted into the upper end of said one duct and discharges the waste water in a free fall into the other duct. A vent opening in the other duct provides an antisiphon airgap.

Combination plumbing fixture for water purification system having waste bypass flow
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August 3, 1970
Publication Date
November 16, 1971
Ross M Brown
Thomas D Lane
Desalination Systems Escondido CA
E03c 01/10
E03C 01/10
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