3619481 is referenced by 30 patents and cites 2 patents.

An enclosure for a cable splice in which a sheet of flexible material bearing a porous spacer mat is provided with rigid but deformable bars along its sides so that when the sheet of material is folded around the cables the bars provide a rigid support. The bars are deformable so that the centers thereof can be moved apart to form an opening to receive a charge of encapsulating resin and can then be reformed and fastened together to seal the enclosure.

Enclosure for an electrical cable splice
Application Number
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Application Date
October 13, 1969
Publication Date
November 9, 1971
Smith Donald J
Smith Schreyer & Assoc
H02g 15/08
H01r 13/16
H01R 04/64
H02G 15/18
H02G 15/00
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