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This garbage or trash can is a vermin-proof, tapered, rectangular open top container and cover, the container being nestable with similar containers for storage or shipping. The container is of heavy plastic, or of metal having an interior plastic coating. Sealing material is provided between the cover and the container for providing a vermin-proof closure on the container. The cover is held tightly against the container top either by resilient means, or by being of heavy material. When of heavy material, the cover is a one piece item, with handles, and a curved, recessed edge or lip complementary to an outwardly extending beaded edge on the container top edge. The heavy cover may also be provided with a plastic coating. When resilient means is provided for holding the cover on the container top edge, it may be an outer frame with a sealable lip resiliently securable on the container top edge by coil springs each fastened to outwardly extending ears on two opposite sides of the cover frame, linked chains depending from the coil springs, and a bifurcated boss extending from the container sides cooperates with the links of the chain. An inner cover hinged along one inner edge of the frame rests on an inwardly extending ledge on the bottom of the frame, and coil springs extend between ears on the bottom of the inner cover and on the bottom of the hinged side of the frame, with sealing material between the inner cover and the supporting ledge.

Rectangular tapered nestable waste can and cover
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August 25, 1969
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November 9, 1971
Nagroski Adolph
B65d 25/14
B65d 53/00
B65F 01/16
B65D 45/00
B65D 45/22
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