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The shovel, which is especially well adapted for picking up pet manure or other similar refuse, comprises a pair of clamshell scoops pivotally mounted on supporting arms at the lower end of an outer tubular shaft. The scoops are biased toward their closed position by means of springs. An inner shaft is rotatably mounted within the outer shaft. First and second handles extend radially from the upper end portions of the inner and outer shafts so that the shovel can be held in both hands for easy operation. Lever arms extend radially from the lower end of the inner shaft and are connected to the scoops by means of links, so that the scoops can be opened and closed by turning the inner shaft.

Hand-operated shovel for picking up refuse
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May 7, 1969
Publication Date
November 2, 1971
Mares Jerry
A01b 01/16
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E01H 01/12
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