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A method of decreasing the sulfur content of crude oil and other petroleum products in which the sulfur is present in an elemental state or in chemical combination with an organic substance (i.e., the crude oil), in which high-energy activation at relatively low temperatures ruptures carbon-sulfur bonds of the molecules and effectively forms hydrogen-sulfur bonds in the form of H.sub.2 S or carbon-sulfur bonds as CS.sub.2, etc. so that gaseous sulfur-containing compounds are evolved from the liquid. The periodic high energy can be an impulsive spark discharge alone or accompanied by vibrational shock of sonic or ultrasonic frequency; laser activation with or without sonic waves of a frequency facilitating the rupture of the bonds to produce gaseous sulfur-containing compounds is also suitable. The apparatus includes an activation chamber through which the crude oil is pumped while being transported aboard a tanker or the like, means for recovering or discharging the gases, and one or more sulfur-removing devices such as a spark-discharge electrode assembly, cavitation generator, ultrasonic or sonic transducer, shock wave generator, high frequency electrode assembly, laser or microwave generator.

Method employing wave energy for the extraction of sulfur from petroleum and the like
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February 3, 1967
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October 26, 1971
Inoue Kiyoshi
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