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Apparatus for heating blood required for transfusion purposes which enables blood newly drawn from the cold store to be used immediately and without waste. A water tank is provided with a submerged broad based chimneylike convection device having a removable blood-heating coil wound round its outside. An electric heater below the convection device causes heated water to rise up the center and fall around the blood-heating coil. A thermostatic control ensures that the blood is heated to the correct temperature and indicating and other safety devices ensure correct functioning and immediate indication of any failure.

Blood-heating apparatus
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August 19, 1969
Publication Date
October 19, 1971
Horstmann Bevan Graham
B67d 05/62
A61m 05/00
H05b 01/00
A61M 05/44
F24H 01/12
F24H 01/16
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