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A sphygmomanometer operable with one hand has a cylindrical housing in which a pump for inflating a blood-flow-restricting sleeve is formed by a deflectable wall of the cylindrical housing. A meter for monitoring pressure is removably fitted on the end of the housing, and a control ring surrounds the housing axis between the meter and pump. A valve for bleeding the air from the sleeve is operated by rotation of the control ring. Means are provided for centering the pointer of the meter at a zero indication and for establishing the desired ratio of pressure to meter displacement. A timer is also provided which has a dial on the meter face and which is controlled by the ring.

Sphygmomanometer with built-in timer
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
April 1, 1969
Publication Date
October 19, 1971
Kummer Fritz
Roll Karl
Beck Charlotte
Walter Beck KG Kontroll und Fernmessgerate
A61b 05/02
A61B 05/24
A61B 05/235
A61B 05/22
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