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A combined optical and magnetic transducer for sensing both optical and magnetic properties of an article, for example, a piece of paper currency or other document having both visible and magnetic markings to be tested or read, an information-bearing medium such as a data-recording tape to be read, or the like. The transducer comprises a magnetic-sensing head having a transparent gap separating the poles of the magnetic core of the head, a photoelectric element being disposed in the head in alignment with the gap. Outside the head, one side of the article contacts or is in close proximity to the poles at the gap, and the article is illuminated by a light source, so that both magnetic properties and optical properties of the article may be detected simultaneously during relative movement of the article and the transducer.

Combined optical and magnetic transducer
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December 19, 1969
Publication Date
October 12, 1971
Ptacek James F
Andrews Boley A
The Vendo Company
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