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A lighting arrangement for illuminating reticles in a headup display system comprises a hollow shaft having opaque walls and fixed to a movable assembly controlled in position, the reticle being formed in an end wall of this shaft, and a lampholder slidably mounted in this shaft for carrying plugin bulbs inside this shaft. This arrangement also comprises a translucent body between the bulbs and the reticle and printed circuits plugged into the lampholder for supplying the bulbs. A colored filter may be positioned between the reticle and the bulbs or in front of the reticle.

Headup display systems for aircraft piloting
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June 21, 1968
Publication Date
September 28, 1971
Morion Marcel
Turboult Jean
CSF Compagnie Generale de Telegraphie Sans Fil
G03b 21/00
B64D 43/00
F21S 08/00
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