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A color display system is disclosed which responds to computer-supplied digital signals representing graphic and alphanumeric material. The digital signals include position information bits and color information bits. The position information bits are used to control the beam deflection means of an electrical storage tube. The color information bits are translated in a digital-to-analog converter to a signal having an amplitude determined by the color information bits. This signal is applied to the video signal input terminal of the electrical storage tube, whereby the graphic material is stored as a pattern of stored charge amplitudes. The graphic material is displayed on a color kinescope having beam deflection means synchronized with the beam deflection means of the electrical storage tube. The amplitude-modulated video output signal from the electrical storage tube is applied to a threshold detector means to generate red, green and blue control signals for application to corresponding terminals of the color kinescope.

Color display for computer terminal
Application Number
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March 18, 1970
Publication Date
September 7, 1971
Lechner Bernard Joseph
RCA Corporation
G06f 03/14
G09G 01/28
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