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An in-line sealant dispenser has a socket member receiving the rear end of a cartridge assembly containing sealant to be selectively dispensed therefrom by air pressure, and a rearwardly extending manually rotatable control handle member threaded onto a coaxial boss on the socket member, axially in line with said cartridge, for axial movement relative to said socket upon rotation relative thereto to open and close a valve in the control handle member to regulate the flow of air from an airhose through said handle and socket member air passages to the rear end of the cartridge assembly to selectively dispense the sealant from the dispenser.

In-line sealant dispenser
Application Number
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November 17, 1969
Publication Date
September 7, 1971
Cook Ralph J
Products Research and Chemical Corporation
B65d 83/00
B05C 17/05
B05C 17/15
E04F 21/165
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