3600661 is referenced by 13 patents and cites 10 patents.

A temperature compensation arrangement in or for battery charging equipment embodying a voltage regulator, the voltage regulator having a feedback arrangement in which a potential divider is provided for feeding back a fraction of the regulated voltage for regulating the charging current applied to a battery. The temperature compensation arrangement is provided with two shunt paths for shunting the respective parts of the potential divider, the impedance of the shunt paths being made variable in dependence upon the temperature of a part of the equipment so that the fraction of the regulated voltage fed back varies with temperature.

Temperature compensated and protected battery charging apparatus
Application Number
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November 10, 1969
Publication Date
August 17, 1971
Swiderski Jan
Morton Harold
Briggs Leonard A
Oldham & Son
H02j 07/14
H02J 07/14
H02J 07/32
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