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There is disclosed a container adapted to be carried in an airplane and used to transport either cargo or baggage, the container comprising a plurality of panels, a plurality of frame members removably interconnecting the panels, each of the panels including a pair of spaced-apart sheet metal walls and a body of rigid cellular construction therebetween, a rigidifying panel and a set of stiffeners removably mounted in the container, a door removably mounted in the container by means of a hinge mechanism, a plurality of latching mechanisms in the door for engaging keeper structure in the container and being constructed to prevent inadvertent opening and subsequent removal of the door, handles housed by the door for removing the door from the container and including venting ports, a bumper mounted on the base panel of the container and extending therearound to protect the container from damage, and removable shelves in the container separated one from the other.

Application Number
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Application Date
December 6, 1968
Publication Date
August 10, 1971
Markowski Everett L
Feddersen Donald W
Buday John M
Rau Blase C
Air Cargo Equipment Corporation
B65d 87/00
B65D 88/00
B65D 88/14
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