3596138 is referenced by 19 patents and cites 4 patents.

A feed-thru device making it possible to stack integrated circuits and/or printed circuit boards in closely spaced parallel fashion and providing means for joining components and/or terminals from one adjacent board to the next. The feed-thru is comprised of a solid conductive body for threadedly engaging suitable mounting hardware to rigidly join adjacent boards in closely spaced parallel fashion. The conductive body further acts as part of a coaxial circuit in conjunction with a center conductor electrically isolated from he conductive body by a suitable insulating sleeve, which center conductor further functions as a pin or terminal for connection with the printed circuit terminal element at both ends of the center conductor or pin. The configuration of the pin provides excellent impedance matching between each printed circuit through the coaxial configuration. The mounting hardware is so arranged as to provide excellent mode suppression at microwave frequencies.

Interboard feed-thru for joining printed and integrated circuits
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August 25, 1969
Publication Date
July 27, 1971
Lehrfeld Sanford S
Tek Wave
H05k 01/04
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