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This invention is directed to an electrically augmented sight particularly dapted for use in aerial reconnaissance. The sight locates and fixes the position of an object viewed from the air. A wide-angle optical viewer is used to locate and hold the object in sight. An electron image motion-stabilizing system in the sight provides a stable view of the object. When the stable view is obtained, computer operation is initiated to make two consecutive measurements of the bearing angle of the target relative to the flight path of the aircraft. After the aircraft has traveled a predetermined distance, usually 1,000 yards, the second measurement is made. The bearing angle at the point of the second measurement is recorded and the computer utilizing the sine law calculates the range of the target at the recorded bearing.

Optical sight with electronic image stabilization
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January 8, 1969
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July 20, 1971
Edwards William R
The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Navy
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