3592199 is referenced by 79 patents and cites 19 patents.

An autoclavable surgical instrument for directly illuminating interior portions of a human body having a distal end for insertion into a body cavity and a proximal end including a handle portion, a fiber optics device extending from a point adjacent the distal end to a proximal end adjacent the handle portion, and a powerpack unit including a light source, and means removably mounting that unit on the handle portion to position the light source in cooperative relationship with the proximal end of the fiber optics device; lens means being interposed between the light source and the fiber optics device, and means for mounting the lens means on the handle portion to cooperate with the power pack unit to properly position the latter relative to the fiber optics device.

Autoclavable surgical instrument illumination
Application Number
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Application Date
February 9, 1970
Publication Date
July 13, 1971
Ostensen Ralph G
Medical Products
A61b 01/06
A61B 01/267
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