3590215 is referenced by 81 patents and cites 7 patents.

A dry heat clinical blood warmer comprising first and second heater plates, pivotally mounted relative to each other; a thin, flat, channeled sac, having an inlet and an outlet spaced from each other, is mounted between the plates, the sac contacting both plates when the plates are closed. The electrical heater elements for the plates are effectively tapered, by positioning or by power relationships, from inlet end to outlet end, in proportion to the diminishing rate of heat absorption of blood or other fluid flowing through the sac.

Clinical fluid warmer
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March 27, 1969
Publication Date
June 29, 1971
Walsh William J
Moore Darrle D
Anderson Cleophas E
Thermolyne Corporation
H05b 01/02
F24h 01/20
A61j 01/00
A61M 05/44
F24H 09/20
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