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A resiliently flexible moisture seal is disclosed for a pushbutton capped electrical cartridge which is clamped to a panel. The seal comprises an elastomeric sleeve which has an inside diameter in one cross-sectional plane thereof that is greater than the width of the end opening in the cartridge; and axially inclined body portions thereof on the opposite sides of the plane, one of which is clamped onto the panel with the cartridge, about the open end thereof, and the other of which enables the seal to flex with respect to the panel, when the cap is peripherally engaged with the seal and reciprocably inserted in the cartridge, through the opening in the sleeve.

Moisture seal for pushbutton capped electrical cartridges which are clamped to a panel
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May 22, 1969
Publication Date
June 22, 1971
Dobson James B
Fuller Maurice D
Amis Jr James W
Korry Manufacturing Company
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H01H 09/16
H01H 13/06
H01H 13/04
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