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Three associative stores are interconnected to provide a data processor. A control store contains a microprogram and it emits tags that select a function table in a working store and data from a local store, the data being applied to the working store as a look-up argument. The local store may also hold a macroprogram. Two of the stores are interconnected so that a tag emitted by one is used to address the other and vice versa. A nonassociative main store may be connected to the local store.

Associative memory data processor
Application Number
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May 28, 1969
Publication Date
June 15, 1971
Titman Peter J
Llewelyn Roger J
Hallett Michael H
Gardner Peter A E
International Business Machines Corporation
G11c 15/00
G06F 09/26
G11C 15/00
G11C 15/04
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