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A timing recovery circuit at a receiver provides fine and coarse phase correction in the receiver's local oscillator. The coarse correction adds pulses to the local oscillator's output after it has been divided in frequency whenever the reduced frequency pulses appear outside of a timing window created from a pilot signal sent with the information signal. The fine phase correction adds or deletes pulses in the output of the local oscillator whenever the timing pulses, derived from the output of the coarse phase corrector, do not coincide with data threshold crossings of the information signal. The receiver's timing pulses train is the reduced frequency pulse train resulting from dividing the frequency output of the course phase corrector. The invention herein described was made in the course of Air Force Contract F30602-67C-0168.

Timing recovery circuit with two speed phase correction
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December 30, 1969
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June 15, 1971
Liberman Richard A
International Business Machines Corporation
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H04L 07/33
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