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The two-section all-plastic case is molded in one piece, the flexible web hingedly connecting the two sections being integral therewith and subjected to flexing while still hot from the mold to be flexible thereafter without breakage for the life of the case. A latch plate is also molded integral with the top wall of one case section and its projecting portion carries two heated pins that have a snap fit in registering holes in the top wall of the other case section. A retractable and extensible handle straddles the latch plate so that the hand grasping the handle holds the latch plate in position preventing accidental opening. The tools are disposed in spaced parallel relation in both case sections with their square shanks entered in square sockets molded in parallel bars mounted lengthwise of the case sections with freedom to turn enabling easy removable and replacement of tools. The sockets in the bars are in staggered relation to enable nesting of the tools for most efficient use of the space available, without storing the tools too close together for easy handling. The bars are molded of polyethylene, which has compressability, resilience, and a certain slickness, and these characteristics combine to enable easy insertion and removal of the square shanks from the square sockets, which have longitudinal friction ribs on the four sides that have line contact on the four sides of the shanks, compression of these ribs combined with a certain amount of expansion of the material around each socket enabling a good hold on the shanks.

Tool carrier case
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February 5, 1969
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June 8, 1971
Wagner Theodore R
B65d 85/54
H45c 13/26
B25H 03/02
B25H 03/00
A47B 81/00
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