3582650 is referenced by 104 patents and cites 6 patents.

Improved linear accelerator apparatus for directing ionizing radiation on an object is realized by utilization of a horizontal axis of rotation about which the linear accelerator axis rotates while the accelerator axis maintains a horizontal spatial orientation at different circumferential points of rotation in conjunction with beam deflection means disposed at the downstream end portion of the accelerator which produce beam deflection along an axis different than the accelerator axis and preferably substantially 90.degree. with respect thereto.

Support structure for electron accelerator with deflecting means and target and cooperating patient support
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July 14, 1969
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June 1, 1971
Avery Robert F
Varian Associates
H01j 37/00
B29C 35/08
A61N 05/01
G21K 01/93
G21K 01/00
G21K 05/10
G21K 05/04
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