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Input variables are sensed by sensors at various locations in a manufacturing facility and supplied as raw data to a computer which may or may not perform calculations on the data supplied thereto. Data from the computer is presented on a time sharing basis to a plurality of remotely located data display terminals. Each data display terminal is equipped with a plurality of manually actuated data selection units having identifying indicia and a numerical display displaying data from the computer corresponding to the requested indicia of an actuated data selection unit along with data indicating trend of the variable relative to a standard or reference value. The communication link between the computer and the display terminals may be conventional wiring with data lines common to each display terminal and individual lines for achieving connection to the computer and the display terminal being individual to the display terminals. Consult the specification for further features and details.

Display terminal for computer monitored plant variables
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April 28, 1969
Publication Date
May 25, 1971
Lambroff George M
Bissell D L
Miller Peter S
Wilhelm D F
Owens Illinois
G06c 21/00
G06f 03/00
G06F 03/23
G06F 17/40
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