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A method and apparatus for transferring ice cubes and the like from a storage compartment to a remotely located dispensing compartment, the apparatus comprising passage means extending between the storage compartment and dispensing compartment and means providing a flow of conveying fluid through the passage means of sufficient magnitude to cause ice cubes to be conveyed through the passage means; an ice cube agitating mechanism for selectively agitating ice cubes within the dispensing compartment and for effecting movement thereof toward the passage means, and a discharge chute disposed adjacent one end of the passage means.

Method and apparatus for dispensing ice cubes and the like
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November 12, 1968
Publication Date
May 25, 1971
Hoenisch Walter H
King Seeley Thermos Co
B65h 03/60
B65G 51/00
B65G 51/02
F25C 05/00
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