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A programmed computer control system provides online predictive roll force gauge control and screwdown offset gauge control for a tandem hot steel strip mill. A gauge control program calculates corrective screwdown movement including that predictively required at each gauge-controlled stand for optimum or near optimum gain correction of roll force error on the basis of online detected roll force and screwdown position values at that stand and on the basis of a mill spring constant which is predetermined for that stand and a workpiece plasticity value which is automatically determined from roll force and workpiece entry and delivery gauges at that stand. The control system operates the mill screwdowns in accordance with the program calculations.

Predictive gauge control method and apparatus with automatic plasticity determination for metal rolling mills
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January 8, 1970
Publication Date
April 13, 1971
Smith Jr Andrew W
Westinghouse Electric Corporation
B21b 37/08
B21b 37/02
B21B 37/64
B21B 37/58
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