3572700 is referenced by 45 patents and cites 4 patents.

Exercising device providing time-distributed, continuously varying uses of a high proportion of body muscle masses, through individual exercise cycles employing bidirectional operation against a resistance between fully flexed and fully extended positions of the subject. Arm and body travel against the resistance successively involves agonist and antagonist musculature, the work output rate or total work output being measurable. Programs of exercises employing selected work rates and work quantities provide total body conditioning without undue strain or tendency to loss of motivation.

Frictonal type exercising device
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July 8, 1968
Publication Date
March 30, 1971
Mastropaolo Joseph A
A63b 23/04
A63b 23/02
A63B 21/08
A63B 21/00
A63B 23/12
A63B 23/00
A63B 23/35
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