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A method for recovering petroleum in the secondary or in the partially depleted primary recovery stages comprises the introduction of high pressure, high temperature superheated steam into the peripheral zone of a dome type formation, the steam being introduced through substantially equally spaced wells about the periphery of the formation. The steam is introduced until the entire formation has been heated to a predetermined temperature range, the viscosity of the petroleum is reduced and the petroleum flows downwardly toward the peripheral or bottom zone of the formation. Steam is introduced continuously to make up losses during the period of production and steam pressure and temperature are maintained until production is complete. The major loss of heat is that resulting from the removal of petroleum from the formation and control of the predetermined temperature range is effected by maintaining a heat balance, steam being added as required to supply all losses during production.

Method for recovering petroleum
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January 17, 1969
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March 30, 1971
Riehl Frederick W
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