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A limit switch assembly for use in positioning a press slide. The press is of the type in which the slide is raised or lowered by means of one or more adjusting screws. Connected to one of the adjusting screws is a rack bracket having a rack end spaced from the screw and oriented generally parallel with movement of the slide. The latter supports a pinion which engages the rack end and is rotated with movement of the slide relative the adjusting screw. Rotatable with the pinion is a cam which engages one of two limit switches.The invention permits the cam and limit switches to be mounted on the press slide within full view and access of the press operator for adjustment and maintenance.

Limit switch assembly for press slide adjustment
Application Number
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June 9, 1969
Publication Date
March 9, 1971
Suntheimer Robert G
Gulf & Western Industrial Products Company
H01h 21/28
H01H 03/16
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