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Absorbent pads, such as diapers, underpads and the like are made in which a hydrophilic foam sheet formed of hydrophilic polymer is contained between a facing and backing and acts as the primary absorbent in the product. The edges of the hydrophilic foam sheet are completely contained within the peripheral edges of the absorbent pad and secured against lateral extension, when wet. In the preferred structure crepe cellulose tissue is placed in contact with a surface of the hydrophilic foam sheet with the creping of the tissue, particularly where the absorbent pad is for use as a diaper, running lengthwise of the diaper.

Absorbent pad
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January 19, 1968
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February 16, 1971
Lindquist Julius A
Johnson & Johnson
A61f 13/16
A61L 15/16
A61L 15/42
A61F 13/15
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