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A multiple control ticket accommodating both interpretable information and nonvisually-interpretable, but machine-readable information. The ticket is 'multiple' in the sense of having a number of detachable sections. At least one of the sections is imprinted with specified information, while at least one other section contains magnetizable material for receiving the machine-readable information. Illustratively, the magnetizable material is in the form of a coating and each coated section has an aperture for positioning a recording head with respect to the coating. The aperture is surrounded by the coating, without making contact, to facilitate fabrication of the ticket. Notches are provided to facilitate detachment of the sections and lessen the likelihood of any delamination, peeling or tearing that could damage the magnetic coating. In addition, the ticket desirably contains two apertures that are so located that the ticket can be folded over with the apertures in alignment. This facilitates ticket attachment and protects the coating.

Control ticket
Application Number
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November 9, 1967
Publication Date
January 5, 1971
Dale Robert C
Dennison Manufacturing Company
G06k 21/00
G06K 19/04
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