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An apparatus for reading at a central station a multidial meter such as a utility meter or similar device located at a remote station by transmitting coded pulses representative of the digits shown on the meter over a conventional telephone line and decoding the pulses at a central station. To obtain a reading of any specific customer's meter, a master translator unit at the central station sends out a signal through the telephone system to a slave translator unit which is electromechanically connected to the customer's meter in such manner that a series of binary coded drums in the slave unit store coded information representing the amount of utility service used by the customer. The slave unit is designed to individually scan each bit of information stored in the coded drums and send a sequence of pulses through the telephone line with each pulse being representative of one bit of information. Upon receiving each pulse, the master translator unit sends it through a certain predetermined circuit to the proper location in a decoder which converts the information either into readable digits or into an output for a computer which compares the output with stored information on previous meter readings for computing the customer's bill.

Remote meter reading method and apparatus
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August 28, 1968
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January 5, 1971
Rowe Kenneth D
Bogaart Peter
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H04M 11/00
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