3552626 is referenced by 220 patents and cites 3 patents.

An instrument is provided for placing circular staple anastomoses between the organs of the alimentary canal during a surgical operation. The instrument has an extension tube for engaging interchangeable operating heads of different diameter, the operating heads carrying a staple head and a staple ejector. Additional extension tubes of different length can be added so that the instrument may have variable length to permit placement of anastomoses at different depths.

Instrument for circular suturing of hollow body organs
Application Number
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April 4, 1968
Publication Date
January 5, 1971
Ivanova Tatiana Lukianovna
Androsov Pavel Iosifovich
Babkin Svetoslav Ivanovich
Ozhgikhin Anatoly Nikolaevich
Astafiev Georgy Vasilievich
B27f 07/00
B31b 01/00
A61B 17/03
A61B 17/115
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