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A direct current to direct current (DC-DC) converter can include a chip embedded integrated circuit (IC), one or more switches, and an inductor. The IC can be embedded in a PCB. The IC can include driver, switches, and PWM controller. The IC and/or switches can include eGaN. The inductor can be stacked above the IC and/or switches, reducing an overall footprint. One or more capacitors can also be stacked above the IC and/or switches. Vias can couple the inductor and/or capacitors to the IC (e.g., to the switches). The DC-DC converter can offer better transient performance, have lower ripples, or use fewer capacitors. Parasitic effects that prevent efficient, higher switching speeds are reduced. The inductor size and overall footprint can be reduced. Multiple inductor arrangements can improve performance. Various feedback systems can be used, such as a ripple generator in a constant on or off time modulation circuit.

Chip embedded power converters
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10193442 (B2)
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August 4, 2017
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January 29, 2019
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