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A fishing rod holder includes a retainer box having front, rear, upper and lower portions defined by a frame comprised of a plurality of upright frame members, wherein the plurality of upright frame members includes front upright frame members and rear upright frame members. The rear upright frame members include support portions for abuttingly supporting the retainer box in a raised position above a support surface. A planar member on the lower portion of the retainer box and includes a plurality of receiving apertures configured to receive a first portion of a fishing rod therethrough. First and second brackets are disposed on opposite sides of the retainer box having inwardly opening channels disposed therealong. Multiple divider members are slidingly received in the channels of the first and second brackets for movement therealong, wherein adjacent divider members are configured to retain a second portion of the fishing rod therebetween.

Fishing rod organizer and carrier
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10149537 (B2)
Application Date
September 21, 2017
Publication Date
December 11, 2018
Scott Johnson
Price Heneveld
A01K 97/08
A47B 81/00
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