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In certain example embodiments, jukebox systems that have associated video servers for displaying video content on one or more displays or groups of displays external to the jukebox and/or directly on the jukebox are provided. Such video servers may effectively off-load at least some of the video processing load from the jukebox device. Accordingly, video content may be provided to complement and/or further enhance the interactive experience that jukeboxes currently provide, while also enabling patrons not directly in front of the jukebox to participate in the interactive process. Content may be distributed to the jukeboxes and/or video servers via a network. In addition to creating a compelling entertainment experience for patrons, it also is possible to create new revenue opportunities for customers. For example, operators and national account customers and advertising partners may provide additional value to venues through the innovative use of managed video content.

Jukebox with associated video server
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March 21, 2008
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April 24, 2018
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