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The present invention comprises a shell, a fixing arrangement, a belt pulley, a main belt, and a breaking arrangement. The shell comprises a compartment defined therein and a belt outlet thereon. The compartment has an opening facing upward. The fixing arrangement detachably buckles the shell on safety harness. The belt pulley is pivotally arranged in the compartment by an axis and defines a winding room. The main belt is coiled in the winding room and has a first end affixed in the winding room, a second end pulled out from the shell through the belt outlet, and a supporting portion provided between the first end and the second end. The breaking arrangement comprises a plurality of blocks spacingly arranged on the shell, a first guiding groove radially arranged on the belt pulley, and a slider slidingly arranged in the first guiding groove to shift between a first position and a second position, such that when the slider shifts to the second position, the pulling position of the supporting portion is adjustable and when the slider shifts to the first position, the supporting portion is positioned for the user to step when hanging in the air.

Adjustable falling foot support device
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9937367 (B1)
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December 22, 2016
Publication Date
April 10, 2018
Todd Olson
George J Stallings
Yung Chung Huang
Changhua County
David and Raymond Patent Firm
Raymond Y Chan
A62B 35/00
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